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So what exactly is Art Deco, and why is the style so historically revered?  Does Art Deco refer to a time or a style, or simply an idea?  During what years was the Art Deco style the biggest?  

The Art Deco aesthetic exploded during the Great Depression.  Decadance within demoralization.  Bigger than life while living small. Having something unique and imaginative to look at while the world around you is slowly sinking…

During the 1920’s to the 1940’s, “style” became important.  Paper catalogues, the Pony Express, and word of mouth were replaced with billboards, automobiles, huge Hollywood movie musicals, and radio advertisements.  Art Deco Vases capture the lavish, overstated consumer ideas of this trying time in world history.  Each vase speaks to each person today as differently as it did when it was crafted.

Think, for instance, of the famous Chrysler Building (NYC). The architecture and exterior styling are so metallic — strong — modern — geometric — equal.  Much akin to our current economic times, people living during the Great Depression were searching for some sort of symmetry and balance in their lives.  Art Deco style beautifully illustrates that ideal.  

As for Art Deco Vases, the artistic mediums of glass and / or ceramics provides malleability and flexibility, but are fragile at the same time — much like the human spirit during times of trouble.

Today, you can easily own a piece of history.  Art Deco Vases are as varied as our current styles and tastes — there’s something to fit any budget and home decor.  This, and more, make these unique artisan pieces so attractive and accessible.




Thrift store find!

OK – so it’s not “authentic” or even antique, but it’s amazing what you can find at your local thrift store. A BIG plus for me is that this cheap cool art deco style vase perfectly accents my new home’s decor! And I’m a sucker for green. 😉 Go explore and let me know what you find!

Look what I found!

Here's a beautiful art deco vase I just spotted!  I loved it so much, I decided to make it my profile picture. 😉  My sources tell me it is an "Art Deco Square Czechoslovakian Vase".  I adore the black and yellow — looks fabulous on my living room table!  Enjoy.