So we all like to get dressed up for the holidays, and company parties, family dinners, friendly get-togethers, and holiday festivities allow for a bit more glam than usual.  Why not glam up your prized art glass and vase collections as well?


Here are some suggestions that will work with almost any vase without damaging the vase itself:

1) Centerpieces.  For an instant “wow”, simply place your favorite vase in the center of your holiday table, filled with seasonal flowers or branches. Adorn the base of the vase with strands of holiday lights (set the vase “aglow!”), or tinsel.  My mother used pine garland and holly as a table runner, leading to a large, ornate vase in the middle of the table, during holiday parties. I also like using poinsettias for a pop of red (or cool of white, depending on the variety). A winter white tablecloth will further set off your art deco or antique vase.

2) Candy dishes. Have a shallow or wide-mouthed art deco glass piece?  Fill your vase with wrapped candy (I find that Werther’s Originals, holiday Hershey’s Kisses, or Ferrero Rocher look really nice, but any metallic wrapped candy will do) and place throughout your home for a quick treat, or amongst the hors d’oeuvres at your party.  Bonus — wrapped candy won’t melt or stick to the antique glass!  Mix and match vases for instant personality.

3) Candle Holders.  First, lightly coat the inside of your vase and the lip (if applicable) with a non-stick cooking spray.  Be forewarned — it makes it slippery!  Handle with care.  This coating will keep any dripping wax from sticking to your vase and ease clean up later (no scratching!), as well as protect any ceramic finish.  Place an appropriately-sized candle of any color or scent inside the vase for class and style.  If you have a tall vase and want to use tall, slender candles, purchase green florist’s foam and make a candle “bolster” by cutting foam to snuggly fill the vase opening and then making a crevice for the candle.  You might choose to also super glue or hot glue the candle to the foam (NOT the vase!) for added stability. 

4) Focal Piece. Group your vases together on a mantle or a large lipped window ledge.  Weave white holiday lights and garland around the vases.  Adorn in much the same way as the centerpiece, remembering that the vases are the decorative element, not the flowers or tinsel.  This creates a multi-level dynamic focal piece for any room. For an extra personal touch, place a few family portraits in neutral frames to surround the vases.  OR another fabulous idea, as seen in the picture above — purchase glass metallic ornamental balls from your local home decor dealer and place them atop your vase(s).  What a cool idea!


The holidays are an excellent time to enjoy your antique vases, and share the beauty of these pieces with others.  You might rediscover your love of your own collection in the process!

Happiest of holidays!